The Singing Sub

This is my current memoir manuscript. It is updated daily. Please check back! I am submitting it to the National Novel Writing Month Contest.


 I've been a substitute teacher for over five years now, but I have been a singer all of my life.

In this memoir, I recount some of the traumatic experiences that led up to me falling into my occupation as a substitute teacher, and how working with students in the classroom has positively influenced my spiritual, mental and artistic development. 

Follow my journey from an impoverished, self-sabotaging, self-loathing young mother accustomed to playing small to a maturing, self-actualizing spiritual feminist determined to lead her students by example as she uses science of mind principles to help actualize her dreams of becoming a full-time artist, all while consciously giving back to the students that have supported her over the years.


Day 13: Commitment

One of my biggest flaws is my struggle to commit to a project/task/goal all the way to its completion. 

Subbing helped me overcome that fear of commitment in many ways. 

Gradually, I have gone from being a day-to-day…

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Day 12 Pt 2: Love Addiction

My last long-term assignment before the one I am currently serving was at San Pedro High School’s Olguin campus. 

I was teaching a moderate to severe level of special education students, which meant that these students were teenagers or…

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Day 10/12: Sexual Transmutation


For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been single for over a year now. 

I decided to abruptly focus on working on myself, and I completely overhauled my relationship, living arrangements and moved several cities away…

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Day 9- Mixing Business with Pleasure

For as long as I’ve been a sub, I’ve never been attracted to any of my colleagues. I have always simply seen them as neutered public servants, no matter how cute they have been. In fact, I’ve had students poke…

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Day 8- Codependence

Day 8- Support 

I’ve been a caregiver for most, if not all of my life. 

I was the eldest of 6 siblings, all boys. 

My mom was a stay-at-home mom, which is a nice way of saying…

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Day 6/7- Election Day

It's election day, and not just any kind of election: it's midterms.  
Which means that we've had president Trump in office for two years now, and this election can serve as a referendum on his white house.   
So far, more…

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Day 5- Confidence

n“Ms. Cervantes, what are you doing here?” 

“Are you famous, Ms.?” 

“Can I get your autograph?” 

“Wow! Thank you for singing for us! Best sub ever!” 

“You should try out for The Voice/American Idol, Ms. Cervantes…

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Day 4- Sexual Harrasment


One of the most challenging things I’ve had to deal with as both a singer and a sub has been negotiating with my sexuality in a way that serves only to empower me. 

For a while, I…

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Day 3- Resourcefulness

Day 3 

When you’re a sub, some students will assume you’re an idiot and will therefore try to test how far they could go with their antics before you realize they’re making a fool out of you. 


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