Rina Cervantes, the effortlessly soulful Latin American songstress also known as Rain Bisou, is the most versatile female artist you'll meet in all of Los Angeles. A classically trained soprano since her early teens with an undeniable affection for Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B dating back to early childhood, Rina seamlessly blends her powerful voice into almost any genre, delivering a unique, new soul flavor as chilling, refreshing, and seductive as a perfect storm. 

For her debut EP entitled Lucid Dreams ( a collaborative project with Steelo Free, poet, producer, songwriter and frontman of South Bay Hip Hop/Reggae band Suspect Ed), Rina showcases her alter ego Rain Bisou with a 90's era Hip Hop production style and laces it with the resurrected nuances of such beloved Pop/R&B divas as Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige and Alicia Keys. Lucid Dreams was released on January 1st, 2016 and the project’s two singles, "When It's Good," and “I’m Ready” are available for viewing now via Youtube. 

Although Rina's musical talents are clearly evident by simply listening to her records, nothing beats the impact of her live performances. Rina has recently performed the National Anthem both at Staples Center and at Dodgers Stadium, and can also be found performing with her Soul/ R&B cover band, The Stonecutters, throughout various venues in Long Beach and the OC. She has also been performing with her new band, The Word Love, showcasing live renditions of both Lucid Dreams and Living through 27, her forthcoming debut R&B/Soul/Hip Hop album produced by Christian Okami. 

Rina looks forward to her continual success as a bilingual commercial singer and is thrilled for what she perceives to be the imminent success of Lucid Dreams. However, Rina is equally invested in doing public service, especially for youth in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. She currently holds a teaching position at Banning High School in Wilmington, where she educates and inspires teenagers to reach their full academic and creative potential. She also tutors and gives voice lessons to young children and beginners.

For Rina, the power of the voice isn't simply about making beautiful music. It is also about stirring the spirit and elevating it to a higher plane of consciousness. As a mother, educator, and most importantly, a creator, Rina is constantly geared toward making a positive impact on her audience, be it in a classroom, for a church congregation or in a stadium filled with cheering sports fans. Rina is destined to rise to the upper echelons of the music industry and will achieve renown by bringing soulfulness back to music as a whole.