Musings of a Muse

Sex and Its Energetic Consequences 

When we speak of energy, we travel through endless branches of knowledge, both infinite and limitless.  Some of these are scarcely explored, while others are still awaiting future discovery. Such is the case with the topic of energy in the context of sex, and the energetic consequences we face upon having sexual relations with another individual.

Let’s begin with the word “sex” which stems from “six,” the union of two by three, which are the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of one person uniting with with those of another. Once two individuals unite sexually, there is nothing that can be done to oppose such a union of these “three bodies”- it happens every time there is penetration between the two individuals engaging in sexual relations.

Furthermore, our aura, or the energy field that each of us possesses, which cannot be torn away from us unless we grant permission to another energetic entity to enter us, also unites with the aura of our partner, thus forming one single sphere or aura that both parties share throughout the realization of the sexual act. This act of union is considered true matrimony, and what, energetically speaking, is considered the eternal union of two beings who love one another and who would like to share everything with the partner they have chosen.

This was understood in ancient times. Now, in modern times, sex is so liberal and irresponsible that it is had with just about anyone, whether they are known well or not, and even where it is enough with a bit of chemistry made at a cafe or bar setting. It is in these cases where the consequences of such a sacred, beautiful and empowering act becomes risky and even dangerous.

When we join our aura with another’s, even if it’s only once in a lifetime, we join karmas, energy, light, vibrations, knowledge, larvas (energy vampires which attach or fuse to our bodies, feeding from our energy), etc. This can be a beautiful thing when we are genuinely in love and would like to spend the rest of our days with this person, since truly loving someone means being willing to share the good and the bad with our partner. However, when it is only an act of pleasure, or a one night stand, then it’s not as agreeable, because even then, we are sharing the aforementioned in an energetic union for SEVEN years.